Review this IM document, ask any questions you may have and take any professional advice (financial advice, tax, legal) that you may require before making an investment decision.

Once you have decided to proceed, you should request an Application Form and follow the required steps to complete and return the application.

Your Application will be reviewed and processed (subject to various criteria being met). In addition, AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks will be conducted prior to you being provided with details of the subscription account to which to send your investment funds.

Once your funds are sent and accepted your investment is live and you will receive confirmation in the form of a certificate and you will receive the interest payments as outlined within this document.

At the end of the term (or earlier at the discretion of the Bond issuer) your invested capital will be repaid.

loan note advantages


No large property deposits

No mortgage approval

Fixed yields

Investing with market professionals with proven track record

Property focused investment without the hassle of owning a property

Low entry investment levels of £10,000 upwards

No hidden charges or solicitor fees